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The Best and the Worst

As we enter a shiny New Year, let us not for­get the charms of the one that’s pass­ing. 2010 was a mem­o­rable year. Eco­nomic depres­sion, mas­sive job losses, riots around the world, scan­dals, dis­as­ters, epic crimes and con­spir­a­cies. To top it all off, we enjoyed one of the most rau­cous, hilar­i­ous, unpre­dictable elec­tion cam­paigns in recent memory.

Before 2010 fades into his­tory, I’d like to take a moment to revisit that elec­tion. Who can for­get the demon sheep? Bring a chicken to the doc­tor? I’m not a witch?


U.N. Takeover Plot Thickens

A Denver B-Cycle bike sharing station located ...

A Den­ver B-​​Cycle bicy­cle shring sta­tion (Image via Wikipedia)

Colorado’s recent guber­na­to­r­ial race was enter­tain­ing on many lev­els, but a par­tic­u­larly hilar­i­ous com­po­nent was the Great United Nations Takeover Bike Plot. This dire con­spir­acy the­ory was first out­lined to a gig­gling pub­lic by Tea Party can­di­date Dan Maes in an effort to dis­credit Demo­c­rat John Hick­en­looper, the even­tual win­ner of the race and a big sup­porter of bike paths and bike-​​sharing in Col­orado cities.


Still Miller Time???

Sarah and JoeJoe

(Ed. note: Alaska has  since decided to ring the last call bell on Miller Time and has cer­ti­fied Lisa Murkowski as their Senator)

It’s hard to believe, but even after:

  • The tal­lied votes show Lisa Murkowski ahead of Joe Miller by 10,328 votes,
  • Throw­ing out all 8,159 con­tested Murkowski votes, she still leads by 2,169,
  • The Alaska Supreme Court found against Miller’s claim that the con­tested votes should not count, and
  • The Alaska Divi­sion of Elec­tions has announced that they will cer­tify Lisa Murkowski as the win­ner of November’s election…

Miller hasn’t given up. He intends to appeal in fed­eral court. The grounds of his claim have yet to be disclosed.

I know I men­tioned this before, but why is it that it seems to be only con­ser­v­a­tives who want to go against the will of the peo­ple in elections?

Living Libertarian

Christo­pher Beam

Christo­pher Beam has writ­ten what I believe to be a won­der­ful arti­cle for New York Mag­a­zine. There are (at least) two great things about this article:

  1. He devel­ops a sophis­ti­cated tax­on­omy of the lib­er­tar­ian move­ment in the United States;
  2. He describes a world in which the lib­er­tar­i­ans have taken over. (more…)

Merry Christmas

Jude Wan­niski devel­oped the Two Santa Claus The­ory. Here’s an appro­pri­ate depic­tion, in the spirit of the day. (Yes, some­one really does sell a blue Santa suit).

Whether you’re a Blue Santa or a Red Santa, Merry Christ­mas and Happy Hol­i­days to you all from your Log­a­rchism staff.

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Lame Duck à l’Orange

Duck and Cov­ered with Oranges

Now that the lame duck ses­sion has ended and the 111th Con­gress has adjourned, let’s take time to dis­cuss what we liked—and didn’t like—in the leg­isla­tive cal­en­dar for items con­sid­ered between Novem­ber 3, 2010 and today.

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