A piece of his­tory is hap­pen­ing right now, tonight, this week­end. The bat­tle over whether Amer­ica will default on its oblig­a­tions, for the first time in his­tory, is com­ing to a head. On the one side are Repub­li­cans, who want to tie a restruc­ture of Fed­eral spend­ing to rais­ing the debt ceil­ing. On the other are the Democ­rats, who insist there should be rev­enue increases if there are to be spend­ing cuts. In the mid­dle are a vari­ety of con­tra­dic­tory polls on how the Amer­i­can peo­ple feel about it.

This is the place to dis­cuss these his­toric events, the polit­i­cal strate­gies, the con­se­quences for the future of Amer­ica and of the world.