Pauly is under­stand­ably a bit ner­vous about Folks With Guns, since they have a regret­table ten­dency to blast away with­out dis­crim­i­na­tion at small furry mam­mals, and many of those are Pauly’s friends and loved ones. But one par­tic­u­lar group of arms-​​bearers has to be an excep­tion. “Holy Smoke”  pro­vides a ser­vice that is lovely and respect­ful of life…almost sacra­men­tal. In fact it brings a tear to Pauly’s eye, and a lump to his throat. (Or is that a stray craw­fish he just ingested? Never mind…)

Any­how, Holy Smoke is a busi­ness offer­ing a ser­vice to the newly-​​bereaved. For a fee you can have your loved one’s cre­mated remains put into var­i­ous kinds of ammu­ni­tion, both shot­gun shells and bul­lets, most gauges and cal­ibers available.

None of the ash will have any effect on rifling, the pro­pel­lant, or the firearm. All ash is placed in the shot cup or in the bul­let for rifles and pis­tols. All shot­shells and bul­lets will be sealed and boxed with rever­ance [sic] and care.

It’s just a beau­ti­ful thought, isn’t it?