Today looks like it’s shap­ing up to be a very good day for for­mer Mass­a­chu­setts Gov­er­nor Mitt Rom­ney. Per­haps his cam­paign has man­aged to shake the Etch-​​A-​​Sketch meme.

Two states, plus our sole dis­trict, vote today: Mary­land, Wis­con­sin, and the Dis­trict of Columbia.

Mary­land has 37 del­e­gates up for grabs in a closed pri­mary. Three are the usual assigned to the party, ten are at-​​large winner-​​take-​​all, and the remain­ing 24 are Con­gres­sional dis­trict winner-​​take-​​all.

Rom­ney is assured to get the three party del­e­gates and the ten at-​​large del­e­gates. He’s also pretty much assured to get all but maybe three of the 24 dis­tricts. The pan­han­dle is for­mer Sen­a­tor Rick Santorum’s (R-​​PA) strongest ter­ri­tory, and he may pick up one or two dis­tricts over there, which would trans­late to three or six delegates*.

Wis­con­sin has 42 del­e­gates avail­able in an open pri­mary. Aside from the three party del­e­gates, there are 15 at-​​large winner-​​take-​​all, and 24 Con­gres­sional dis­trict winner-​​take-​​all delegates.

As in Mary­land, there’s lit­tle doubt that Rom­ney will take the party and at-​​large del­e­gates, given his near-​​double-​​digit lead over San­to­rum in all polls. But San­to­rum may be able to pick off a bet­ter ratio of the dis­trict del­e­gates than he can in Mary­land. Even so, Wis­con­sin can be expected to increase Romney’s del­e­gate lead over the for­mer Senator.

The Dis­trict of Colum­bia has 19 del­e­gates in a closed pri­mary. There are the three party del­e­gates, plus 16 winner-​​take-​​all. One party del­e­gate has already been assigned to Romney.

This one’s a real snoozer. Rom­ney will walk away with all 19 del­e­gates, period.

So, yes, today’s a very good day for Rom­ney. And a very bad day for those who have been hop­ing that some­thing, any­thing, will keep the increas­ingly inevitable Romi­na­tion from com­ing to pass.

*Note: in an ear­lier ver­sion of the arti­cle, I incor­rectly stated that San­to­rum might win one or two del­e­gates. In fact, since each dis­trict has three winner-​​take-​​all del­e­gates, San­to­rum would either get three or zero for each district.