Paula Broad­well: Pinot Noir or Film Noir?

There was a Gen­eral panic as a Face­book tiff between two pow­er­ful, beau­ti­ful doc­tors’ wives turned into a full-​​fledged sex scan­dal. Paula plays the Broad­well while Jill went up the Hill to get a shirt­less FBI agent and a Gen­eral Allen. Michael has more about this tomor­row, but it’s this week’s biggest story.

Ari­zona is still fight­ing over pro­vi­sional bal­lots, but, like cin­ema of old, Ms. Sinema goes to Wash­ing­ton any­way. If her elec­tion is cer­ti­fied, she will become the first openly bisex­ual mem­ber of Con­gress. Senator-​​elect Tammy Bald­win (D-​​WI) becomes the first openly gay Sen­a­tor. Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Nancy Pelosi (D-​​San Fran­cisco, CA) would rather be Speaker, but she’ll set­tle for Minor­ity Leader. Sen­a­to­r­ial con­sti­pa­tion prompts Major­ity Leader Harry Reid (D-​​NV) to con­sider changes in the fil­i­buster. Per­haps we’ll get to watch a live ver­sion of Mr. Smith Goes to Wash­ing­ton. Pres­i­dent Obama held his first press con­fer­ence since his reëlec­tion vic­tory. Obama is steamed Rice is being unfairly crit­i­cized as John McCain fried Rice over Benghazi.

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