Wel­come to Log­a­rchism.

This site was founded by four peo­ple who have agreed to work as a team.

This site is intended as a forum for a free-​​wheeling dis­cus­sion of the events of the day. While each of us has a unique polit­i­cal per­spec­tive, and the founders occupy the lower left quad­rant of the Polit­i­cal Com­pass, we wel­come view­points from other quad­rants of the compass.

Log­a­rchism” is a word that Michael con­structed, from the Greek words for “rea­son, words” (λογοϛ, logos) and “rule, gov­er­nance” (αρχω, arche). What we col­lec­tively wish for is gov­ern­ing through rea­son, logic and evidence.

A good dis­cus­sion occurs when we use a cur­rent topic as a spring­board; when the topic is one on which rea­son­able peo­ple dis­agree; and where we state our posi­tion with­out name-​​calling or rancor.

Let’s talk it over.

Board of Directors:

  • Michael Weiss: Edi­tor in Chief
  • DCPet­ter­son
  • Monotreme
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