Moderation Policy

We have banned only one com­menter at Log­a­rchism (for per­son­ally threat­en­ing another), and intend if at all pos­si­ble to avoid using that recourse in future. When dis­cus­sions (or peo­ple) get very heated, we may some­times put cer­tain peo­ple in the “mod­er­a­tion box” for a while so their com­ments can be screened before post­ing. This restric­tion is lifted as soon as things cool off.

We will delete mes­sages that con­tain out­right obscen­ity or serve no pur­pose except to attack other com­menters. While we encour­age lively and even heated debate, we dis­tin­guish between posts that attack ideas and those that attack peo­ple. Gra­tu­itous and content-​​free snipes, jabs, sneers or mock­ery addressed at other vis­i­tors to the site will be deleted with­out comment.

Any ques­tions about com­ment mod­er­a­tion can be addressed by fill­ing out the below form.

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