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Pres­i­dent Chester Arthur: Unamerican?

Recently I posted “The Ele­phant in the Room,” in which I opined the birther move­ment was a clear man­i­fes­ta­tion of racism. Michael dis­agreed, stat­ing it was merely polit­i­cal, the nat­ural behav­ior of a polit­i­cal party look­ing for any weapon with which to attack a for­mi­da­ble opponent.

I coun­tered there must be a rea­son for this group to choose Barack Obama’s “non-​​Americanism” as their weapon…and that rea­son was racism. If not, I argued, why have we not seen birther move­ments in the past, since there have surely been pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates whose par­ents were not born in the United States? Michael imme­di­ately coun­tered with this, com­pletely shred­ding my argu­ment. He later teased me by say­ing I should have known bet­ter than to make such a rash state­ment with­out research­ing it first.

Indeed. My humil­i­a­tion is com­plete. I am totally pwned.


The Elephant in the Room

It’s right over there. It’s big and smelly, and it takes up a lot of room. Peo­ple have been tip­toe­ing around it for months, pre­tend­ing it doesn’t exist, but it’s grown too big to ignore. So let’s just walk over and con­front it directly. Some­body has to.

Are birthers sim­ply racists by another name?

Lots of peo­ple think so, and a few aren’t even afraid to say so out loud. But are they right?


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